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Courage and Compassion – Women that Inspire Series


When we live bravely, we expand our world. Suddenly there are so many more possibilities. Nothing is more rewarding than showing up fully, being courageous and reaping the rewards of engaging in the world from a place of authenticity.


With the Courage and Compassion Speaker Series I want to showcase courageous women and have them share their compelling stories. Stories that inspire. Stories that will encourage us to look for the possibilities, in our own lives. What all these speakers will have in common is their courage, and their compassion. I look forward to learning and getting inspired with you all!


Kirsten Johnson

May 15, 2018


Welcome to a conversation with Kirsten Johnson, where she will share her story of of getting sober, overcoming anxiety disorders, and how she found the courage to follow her heart and heal from trauma.


Meg Gehred Hoornaert

Nov 6, 2017


Welcome to a conversation with Meg Gehred Hoornaert, where she will share her story of how she and her family took a year “off” to travel the world. They left their house in San Jose for an adventure of a lifetime.


Whitney Freya

Sept20, 2017


Welcome to a conversation with Whitney Freya, where she will share her personal story and her book that is just being released, Rise Above, about how we can free our mind in fun ways from the many “I should”, “I have to” and other limitations and worries, by focusing on our creative outlets and what is possible.


Pam Costa

May 15, 2017


Welcome to a conversation with Pam Costa, about connection, intimacy and shame. Pam will share her story about how she went from struggling with sexual desire in her marriage to a now rich and rewarding sex life with her partner of over twenty years.


Liza Lichtinger

April 17, 2017


Welcome to a conversation with Liza Lichtinger, about authenticity and entrepreneurship. Liza has been named one of the top 100 female futurists and will share her story and insights.


Andrea Gudmundsson

May 17, 2016


Welcome to a conversation with Andrea Gudmundsson, about empathy and connection. Andrea will share her journey and insights of living with a terminal illness.


Patti Bauernfeind

Jan 25, 2016


Welcome to a conversation with Patti Bauernfeind, a dedicated marathon swimmer that just completed the challenging 21 mile English Channel swim from England to France in September.


Monica Lecture May 2017-8-1
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