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Do you crave more spark in your life?

Or are you going through hard times and want support in moving forward?

Maybe some hard decisions to make?



As a coach I listen and ask questions, supporting you in connecting more deeply with yourself , so that you can move forward, with a greatly expanded picture of what is possible. So that you can show up, live bravely and create a life most meaningful to you. 


During various parts of my life, I have found it extremely helpful to have outside support in tricky transitions or simply in getting more “spark” into my life.


If you are ready for a change, be it in your private or your professional life, I would feel honored to be part of your journey. 



About Monica


I am a certified Co-active coach, trained at CTI (Coaches Training Institute) and a The Daring Way™ facilitator, trained to deliver the curicculum based on Brené Brown's research. I coach clients all over the world as well as lead workshops and facilitate trainings.

My background is in the corporate world where I worked internationally as a manager, coach and trainer. 


It is important for me to make a difference in the world!  I founded a fundraising organization that built schools in Afghanistan, and I have worked on a UN development project in Burkina Faso, Africa. I am intrigued by people and cultures, whether I am listening to a friend, bringing people together in my community or working to support important issues that impact people all over the world.


"Monica is an authentic, genuine person with an amazing amount of perception, depth and kindness. She helped me gain insight and confidence in myself and grow in areas I wouldn't have thought possible in the past year. The tools I learned from her helps throughout different areas in my life. I believe the more we look within and develop ourselves, the more we can blossom in the world around us. Monica can help you get there. I became more in tune with my mind and centered for all the opportunities that came in my life. It's truly one of the best experiences I went through and I highly recommend it for anyone, especially if you're going through a transitional phase in career or life."

Kelly, Sunnyvale

“Having the opportunity to grow is invaluable. Having the opportunity to have someone guide you through that growth is truly AMAZING. Monica is open and honest, she has helped me break down walls and see the open doors in my life that I can move through. My work with her has been extremely rewarding. Coaching with Monica has brought me to a more grounded, sure state of being and to help me grow in all aspects of my life. I will cherish my time spent with her as a blessing.”

Carolynn, Morgan Hill

“I went to Monica when at a crossroads in my life, knowing that I needed to make changes, but unsure of exactly what I wanted or the right path I needed to follow to get there. A true professional, Monica helped me to see that I actually had all the answers myself and within a few months of coaching with Monica, I was on a new professional path and had finally committed to making changes I had only paid lip-service to for a very long time. She helped me to create a tactical plan and strategies for sticking to it, all with good humor and a no-nonsense attitude that really helped me to keep moving forward.”

Amy, Menlo Park

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