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Courage and compassion

What does courage mean to you? How and when are you courageous? The word in itself, courage, has its root in the Latin word, cor, that means heart. In one of its earliest forms, the word courage meant "To speak one's mind by telling all one's heart." However that meaning has changed and many of us today associate courage with brave deeds. Personally I really believe that being courageous also means being brave in our day to day lives, showing up, with the inner strength it takes to speak honestly, from our hearts. Patti Bauernfeind, the first guest in my speaker series Courage and Compassion, is very courageous, both in her deeds as well as in "telling her heart." You are invited to this FREE event on Monday, January 25 at 7pm at Rinconada library, a conversation where you will enjoy Patti's amazing stories about the different swims she has done to date (English Channel, Monterrey Bay, Farrallon Islands etc), how she braves cold waters and various marine creatures. However mostly this is a conversation about how she keeps on going, how she overcomes hurdles and how she conquers her fears. She will talk about her belief that we are all one, that her adventures would not be possible without a lot of supporting people around her and how one of the most courageous acts we can do in life is to ask for help and receive that help with an open heart. For more info and registration, click here. Limited spots available.

"I breathe in my courage. I exhale my fear." Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Lots of love, Monica


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