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Let's celebrate...

Before setting my sights on 2017, I would like to share a practice with you that I have totally embraced and shared with many of you in the past. It is the practice of looking back on the year that has been and making a list of accomplishments. This is a list for only you. It is about what have added value and created meaning in YOUR life. What you might consider an accomplishment might not be what I consider an accomplishment. So no external input considered for this list. Accomplishments can be small things and they can be big things. It can be taking the time to read those books on the to-read-list. Spending a few hours monthly volunteering. Writing that article, book or blog. Job-related accomplishments. Family-related accomplishments. Nurturing certain relationships. Overcoming hardships. Saying NO. Saying YES! A new fitness practice. A new spiritual practice. Personal growth. Health. Many times we look at others and can see their accomplishments. However we might overlook our own. Taking the time for self-acknowledgment and appreciation is a wonderful practice and once we do so, we can see how much we have done in our lives, what difference we have made for ourselves and for others. This gives us insights and awareness to move forward, with even greater possibilities ahead. Last year, when I sent out the newsletter about this practice, one of my friends came back to me, telling me that she had first done this list, with all the accomplishments she could think of. However then she picked up her calendar and went through the whole year and realized there was so much more, that she just had reminded herself of. I did the same and it was very valuable. I also look back at the year to see what I can let go of. If there is anything in particular not serving me anymore and by letting it go, making space for something new, whether I know what that is or not. So during these last days of 2016, let’s celebrate...what we want to see more of!

Lots of love,


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