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Adding some spice

Last week I was inspired by a 5 day online challenge to add some adventure to my life. Not necessarily ADVENTURE as in jumping out of planes or going around the world (which, mind you, I would have nothing against) but more this sense of getting out of the everyday rut. Adding some spice and excitement to my day to day living.

So one day during this challenge I decided to run my regular 5 mile run the opposite way. Already the anticipation of changing it up made my run so much more exciting. After having run for a little bit I felt this sense of discomfort. I realized that as much as change can feel like excitement, it can, even in the smallest and assumingly most trivial instances, also feel challenging and totally get me tripping out of my comfort zone.

However after that initial feeling I let go and totally enjoyed the run. Suddenly I was curious about what I would find around the corner. Even though I have been running this route hundreds of times, running it in the opposite direction made it sparkling new. My steps felt lighter. I saw some beautiful flowers I have never noticed before. Even my sense of smell felt heightened. Aaaaaahhhhh! Such a great reminder that at times a perspective change can do wonders. Nothing in the external environment had changed, yet switching the run up made the world of difference. And an added benefit: it felt like the run took half the time it usually does!

After the run I made a list of the things I want to do to add more adventure to my day to day life (internal as well as external). What about you? Want some more spice in your life? What could that look like?

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